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What We Do For You!

Give your team a bipartisan, insider

analysis the public policy and political issues your organization is facing in 2023 & 2024!

Politics and public policy discussions today feel anything but civil. But now you can provide your nonprofit and corporate leadership with a humorous, bipartisan conversation about what to expect in 2023 and 2024.


Adrian Hemond and John Sellek, two of Michigan's top political consultants and analysts, will go in-depth with your team about what last year's electoral outcomes mean, from the State House to the White House.


John, a Republican, and Adrian, a Democrat, are the go-to political and public policy analysts for Michigan and national media. Now they can do it for your organization.


Talk about what happened and why. Learn about the issues and newly elected officials who will drive the dynamics of governance in 2023 and beyond.


John and Adrian provide an entertaining and open discussion about the political environment that will affect your organization's future plans.


Politics can be cordial and funny. That's what John and Adrian have done for audiences across the state. They will do it for your organization, too!

“They are really great models of being able to see things from different political points of view, but do it in a fun and engaging way." 

- Oakland University

"They work together as the civil discourse super hero duo “Baldly Bipartisan”, facilitating conversations about politics.

- Michigan Radio

What We Provide Your Organization

Civil Discussion

An opportunity for your team to talk in a civil, humorous way about politics

Analysis & Data

Learn what is taking place in Michigan politics and government today

Prep for 2023

What's coming in 2023 and how can your organization prepare for it?

About Our Experts

Meet John Sellek and Adrian Hemond,

the political and public relations experts behind Baldly Bipartisan. 

About Us

Baldly Bipartisan 

On The Air 

Check out Baldly Bipartisan's segments on WJR's 

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